Hardy F. Schloer, invitat special al Bucharest Food Summit 2019

Hardy F. Schloer, a German born data scientist, systems designer and strategy consultant, is the Managing Director of Schloer Consulting Group and the COO and Head Scientist of Prisma Analytics, GmbH.

Schloer’s work focuses primarily on geopolitical and macroeconomic analysis, predictive asymmetric risk and threat detection, real-time social media analysis and the development of global policy and action strategies for public and private clients.

Schloer’s work spans broad fields, including visionary projects in artificial intelligence and groundbreaking philosophical writings on the nature of knowledge and intelligence (l).

He has contributed extensively in consulting political leaders and the intelligence community by initiating leading projects in AI, machine-aided social behavior analysis, big data technology strategies and global management solutions.

Over the past 35 years, his clients have come from the Americas, Europe and Asia ranging from government intelligence agencies and first tier banks to the leaders of multinational corporations and nation states.

Mr. Schloer is also the original founder and former CEO of RavenPack International, the international award-winning leader in computational linguistics and real-time financial news analytics. At RavenPack, Schloer developed and implemented his theoretical work in predicting group behaviors, and thus created the emerging field of News Analytics.

Today, most of the world’s first-tier banks and large financial trading operations use RavenPack’s solutions to process real-time trade decisions and gain leading financial intelligence. Schloer’s RavenPack services have revolutionized high speed trading and have been the subject of articles in academic literature that show that adding automated news analytics to traditional high-speed trading strategies succeeds in improving returns and manages risk significantly.

Schloer is also the inventor of numerous technology patents and is the creator of the Quantum Relation Theory (QRT)iV, a breakthrough concept in Artificial Intelligence until he founded Prisma-Analytics GmbH where his development team completed a first version (March 2018) of the Quantum Relations Machine (QRM).

In Germany in 2001, Mr. Schloer received the award “25 Best Technologies of the Future” by Netlnvestor for the successful implementation of the QRT as a computing platform named RavenSpace. RavenSpace was granted a patent in 1999 and was the first practical implementation of a complete and fully functional cloud computing system for transaction processing. RavenSpace was years ahead of its competitors and several international contemporary scientists credit Schloer as one of the original inventors and implementors of modern Cloud Computingvi.

Mr. Schloer Has also made important contributions to the field of healthcare informatics with his innovative concept ‘Alpha Medic’ and ‘ZOE’, a ground breaking approach to modern healthcare based on the revolutionary theory that the patient’s welfare should be the primary goal of modern healthcare systems. The ZOE design pioneered standardized centralized records management and real-time analysis, providing (in addition to single-patient healthcare delivery) group medical diagnostics.

(1) See “The Quantum Relations Principle” Schloer/Spariosu 2017 v&r Academic Press

Schloer’s Real-Time Big-Data technology intelligence solutions provided a framework for integrating scientific and geopolitical analysis in a global 24/7 real-world computing environment to reduce human operator bias and inadequate statistical or analytical methodologies. Schloer’s diagnostic technology solutions have received European Union grants and have been published and discussed in the press and online technology sites, • academia and general healthcare publications.

He uses his extensive 35 years’ experience and knowledge in Social and Political Sciences, together with his in-depth knowhow in Information Technologies to combine these skills to innovate and effective consulting and intelligence services for leaders in politics and global business.

Hardy is an internationally acclaimed speaker who is frequently invited to TV and radio appearances, international conferences, public discussion panels and often serves as keynote speaker for global think tank events. He is a Board Member of several global think tanks such as Club of Amsterdam, Forum 21 and several others.

Today, Mr. Schloer is currently focused on the ongoing development of his Quantum Relations Machine and the Knowledge Coin Smart Monetary Systems; two globally disruptive products designed to transform large analog systems to modern digital infrastructure for governments and multinational corporations. In 2018 Mr. Schloer patented and implemented in this context a new and paradigm shifting Al technology under the name ‘C+8 Data Model’ which is fully based on the Quantum Relations Principle, and constitutes the world’s first fully inclusive and self-organizing data mode” and is specifically invented to solve the problems of operator bias and issues of Big Data stream analysis.

Mr. Schloer accepted in January 2019 professorship at the University for Modern Sciences in Mostar where he lectures on the quantum relations principle and related subjects to graduate and undergraduate students pursuing deep understandings of information science.

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