EVENT POSTPONED to spring 2022

by decision of the Romanian Alliance for Agriculture and Cooperation

High Level Conference, Romanian Alliance for Agriculture and Cooperation & COPA COGECA

In the wake of the preparation of the new CAP and its implementation as well as the development of the initiatives linked to the Farm to Fork strategy, a number of challenges arise from these two major policy areas whose cumulative impacts are likely to substantially affect the sustainability and competitiveness of the European farming sector.

This conference aims to identify policy priorities for the work of European farmers and their cooperatives in the coming year looking at the implementation of the 2023-2027 CAP and the European Commission work on the upcoming proposal on a legislative framework for sustainable food systems.

The four organizations constituting the ROMANIAN ALLIANCE FOR AGRICULTURE AND COOPERATION (the Alliance) is made up of four professional organizations in agriculture, food industry and related services, joining about 3500 members in all regions of Romania, that farm a total of 2.5 million hectares of agricultural land and hold livestock operations equivalent to 1.5 million hectares. The Alliance also includes members from the food industry, with a joint turnover representing 24.2%, and, respectively, a number of employees constituting 16% of those of the national food sector. The Alliance is a member to the farmer umbrella-organization COPA COGECA.